Gain an advantage over the competition with custom-tailored guidance that helps position you for success!

Don't figure this out on your own.

A UX certificate, bootcamp or course is NOT ENOUGH these days. If you have doubts, questions and are overwhelmed with what to do, you've come to the right place.

Hand-held guidance that takes you to the finish line.

Hundreds of designers are entering the field every month.

👉  How will you stand out from the competition?
👉  How will you motivate yourself to see this through?
👉  How will you avoid key mistakes?

Now more than ever, you need every advantage to put yourself at ease and a GUARANTEE that you land a high-paying and highly rewarding job!

Step-by-Step System to Land the Job

Refresh Your Personal Brand + Transform Your Profile
  • Reveal your unique talents to the market by crafting your personal story in a convincing way
  • Skyrocket your credibility and become more visible to your network through self-reflection lessons and templates
  • Discover key concepts of branding and positioning to differentiate yourself from other designers.

Create an Impactful Portfolio that Communicates Your Value
  • Build powerful case studies and stand out from the competition
  • Connect with the Shift UX project network to gain access to REAL experiences for your portfolio 
  • Re-invent yourself with 30+ "done-for-you" resources, templates, and reference guides to keep you organized

Secure a Job + Increase Your Earnings Potential
  • Learn how to create a high-value strategy to target the right companies and get placed at the job of YOUR choice 
  • Follow the time-tested, successful blueprint of our job search process (HINT: It doesn't involve applying to 50 jobs with your fingers crossed)
  • Master the tactics of negotiation to gain confidence and eliminate your remaining doubt

These are REAL students getting REAL results.

Mikaela, UX Specialist

As soon as I started doing sessions with Rajeev and he gave me certain tips on how to stand out, how to make myself as an applicant shine out more than others….I got responses back immediately...It was amazing!

Niki, Product Designer

Rajeev's structured UX job process should be the blueprint for any student seeking confidence in transforming themselves to land the job of their choice. I can't thank this program enough for helping me on my career journey!

Flora, UX/UI Developer

I could not believe the "before and after" for how my portfolio started out and how it ended up! I think this was the primary reason I was able to get interviews and land a job at one of the top consulting firms in the world.

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